WildCat Ridge Sanctuary is home to over 60 captive-born wildcats and hybrids. We are accredited by the American Sanctuary Association and verified by The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. All of the animals rely on daily care provided by our staff. WildCat Ridge is looking for hardworking individuals who are dedicated to providing that care while maintaining strict safety protocol. Projects include setting posts, building enclosures, putting up fence, ground maintenance – such as clearing blackberries, mowing, cleaning walkways and paths – as well as any other work needed. The animal internship program will also provide valuable knowledge and experience with exotic feline husbandry while educating about the active wildlife crisis and sanctuary field. Some of the training offered:

• Animal Observation: methods to assess an animal’s behavior and their environment
• General Animal Information: protocol for keeping records of all aspects of sanctuary care
• Small Felid Husbandry: teaches daily care of domestics and hybrid cats
• Enrichment: procedures for creating enrichment for all the animals on-site
• Food Preparation: policies and procedures for food preparation, feeding, and watering for the wildcats
• Medication and Supplements: learn medications/supplements used for the residents and the best way to safely administer treatment
• Cleaning: procedures used for cleaning indoor and outdoor habitats
• Building: how to build safe, secure habitats

Note: contact is prohibited between the wildcat residents and interns.

Animal Care Internships are non-paid positions and run for approximately 12 weeks. Interns work five days a week with a minimum of 40 hours. This may include a week-end day. There is no on-site housing available, and interns must provide their own transportation.

Applicant Requirements

• Must be 21 years of age
• Must be in good physical condition
• Must be able to consistently lift 30 pounds
• Must be comfortable on ladders
• Must be able to work in all weather conditions
• Must be fluent in English (both written and verbal)
• Must provide your own health insurance
• Candidates should have a least two years of undergraduate program studies in zoology, biology, or other animal related fields.

Please fill out the ANIMAL INTERN APPLICATION and send with resume, cover letter, transcripts, and a copy of Driver’s License along with two reference contacts to:

WildCat Ridge Intern Program
PO. Box 280
Scotts Mills, Oregon 97375
Or email information to: catwch@gmail.com

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