The caracal is a fiercely territorial medium-sized cat ranging over Western Asia and Africa. The word caracal comes from the Turkish word “karakulak”, meaning “black ear”. Although it has traditionally had the alternative names Persian Lynx, Egyptian Lynx, and African Lynx, it is no longer considered to be an actual lynx. Instead, it is now believed to be closely related to the African golden cat and the serval.

The caracal is a slender, yet muscular, cat, with long legs and a short tail which is not quite a third of its body length. Males typically weigh between 30 and 40 pounds, while females weigh about 24 pounds. The color of the caracal’s fur varies between wine-red, grey, and sand-colored. Young caracals bear reddish spots on their undersides; adults do not have markings except for black spot s above their eyes and small white patches around their eyes and nose. The underside of the caracal’s chin and body are white, and a narrow black line runs from the corner of its eye to its nose.

The caracal’s life expectancy is around 12 years in the wild and up to 17 years in captivity.

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