A number of our residents here at WildCat Ridge Sanctuary are domestic/wild hybrids. These hybrids are the offspring of domestic cats and some of the smaller species of wild cats.

Hybrid cats are created by crossing a wildcat species with a domestic cat. The original offspring from that breeding is called an F1 and retains most of the wildcat traits. Breeding an F1 female hybrid to a domestic cat results in kittens called F2. Breeding F2 females produces a generation called F3, and so on. Most male hybrids are sterile thru the 4th or 5th generation.

Some of the major varieties of hybrid cats include:

Bengal – domestic cat/Asian Leopard Cat
Chausie – domestic cat/Jungle Cat
Jungle Bob – Chausie/PixieBob
Safari – domestic cat/Geoffroy’s Cat
Savannah – domestic cat/Serval

Hybrids do not make good pets. Breeders who sell these cats will claim that they have the look of a wild cat and the temperament of a house cat. This claim could not be farther from the truth. While the behavior of certain hybrids can vary from cat to cat, you cannot simply breed the “wild” out of a wild cat.

WildCat Ridge Sanctuary does not support the breeding and selling of hybrid cats. With so many wonderful domestic cats dying in shelters across the country that have no where to go, breeding more animals while shelter animals die, is wrong.

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