Nora, a white Bengal Tiger, has had a very hard life. As a young tiger, she was chained to a box while people paid to have their photos taken with her. When she outgrew that, she was used for breeding. Her cubs were taken away from her in order to be sold as “pets” before their eyes were even open. This was Nora’s life for eight years.

When her owner was found dead, Nora was moved to Tiger Paws Exotic Rescue Facility. She arrived emaciated and in terrible shape. Thankfully, with good food and care, she thrived. But her new owners wanted a better life for her, so we were contacted. We made the 5000 mile round trip journey to Ohio to pick her up and bring her to her final home at WildCat Ridge.

Today, Nora is doing wonderfully, living in a large spacious habitat and enjoying life! She’s an easy going girl that everyone has fallen in love with!

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